Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the past forty years, our parent company NRS International has focused on creating products that serve the public and alleviate suffering, while simultaneously building sustainable employment opportunities in Pakistan. In 2009, NRS International created the Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) to improve public health care. Our commitment to sustainable business practices underscores our commitment to our employees, our products and production, and to the global community.

Responsibility to our employees

NRS Internal Female Empowerment Programme in PakistanWe strongly believe in the benefits of a diverse and large workforce. We recognise that female empowerment is fundamental to the progress of communities, and as a result, our factory has a unit completely managed and staffed by women.

Responsibility to our products and production

slider-5We strive to bring innovative products to the market and meet end-user needs. Quality and regulatory compliance are of the highest priority. We set high standards for our production processes and maintain transparent reporting throughout the supply chain. We place great emphasis in monitoring our waste reduction, employee safety, and have introduced new tools to streamline our manufacturing process.

Responsibility to the global community

Bilqees Sarwar FoundationThe Bilqees Sarwar Foundation, which is a registered foundation in Lahore, Pakistan, aims to provide public health and education support to the community. BSF’s work has evolved over the years and has expanded its charitable donations to include public health, education and humanitarian relief priorities.

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