CEO Introduction | Farhan Sarwar

In 1996, it all started from selling canvas in retail unit in Pakistan. With the increase in canvas demand in large volume, in 1973 H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Pvt. Ltd – HSNDS was inaugurated the first manufacturing plant in Lahore to produce high quality tents, canvas, canvas tarpaulins and other allied products. HSNDS intends to design and manufacture core humanitarian relief products that will improve the lives of vulnerable populations around the globe. This manufacturing facility is the fruitful repay of indefatigable endeavors by late Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar.

1980 was the year of achievements for HSNDS as it became one of the biggest suppliers to United Nations for tents during the Iran- Iraq war, when thousands sought refuge in Pakistan. In the following year, HSNDS won the best export performance trophy awarded by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry – FPCCI. Since then HSNDS has won 20 more of these awards.

Mr. Farhan Sarwar, the eldest son of Sarwar Family-CEO of HSNDS, NRS International and President of Bilqees Sarwar Foundation along with the sedulous Board of Directors including Mr. Farhaj Sarwar Managing Director, Ahmer Sarwar Director Finance and Furqan Sarwar Executive Director Production are so proud to be able to share the work with you. From little seeds, mighty trees grow, and this saying describes HSND’s journey so far. Initially focusing on the community in Lahore, HSNDS quickly broadened the activities throughout Pakistan, and then expanded the scope of their partners internationally, into Syria, Lebanon and Vietnam.

“I look forward to sharing our projects with you in these pages. Let us all go forth and demonstrate the generosity of Pakistani citizens, communities and businesses throughout our work and everyday lives.”

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